Envirothon State Competition Winners

2016 TN Envirothon

This year’s competitions involved 111 teams and over 800 students, coaches, and volunteers. Our team and volunteer numbers remained the same as last year. Regional Contests are sponsored by Tennessee RC&D Councils with the Tennessee Envirothon Program sponsored by the TN RC&D Council, Inc. Teams without RC&D Council representation are allowed to compete in the Envirothon contests closest to them. This year was a first for two Area Contests to be hosted by local Soil Conservation Districts. The Tennessee Association of Conservation Districts (TACD) sponsors those teams without Council representation.

The winning team this year was the team from David Crockett High School FFA, in Washington County from Appalachian RC&D Council, who will be advancing in July to the National Contest in Ontario, Canada.  Second place was Clinton High School Science, in Anderson County, with Cumberland Mtn RC&D Council, and Montgomery Bell Academy in Davidson County with Five Rivers RC&D Council placing Third.

The $18,000 in grant funding allowed provision for the area, Regional, and State Envirothon contests to be funded through site selection, logistical assistance, meal provision, award recognition, and program management. The environmental education and conservation stewardship values instilled with this next generation of Tennesseans will remain throughout their lifetimes.

First Place Team – David Crockett FFA

David Crockett FFA from Jonesborough, TN, represented Appalachian RC&D Council at the State Envirothon. They were the highest scoring team after the first day of competition. They will represent Tennessee at the North American (National) Envirothon competition in Ontario, Canada, on July 24th – 29th, 2016.


Second Place Team – Clinton High School

Clinton High School represented Cumberland Mountain RC&D Council at the State Envirothon. This team scored a perfect 100 in the Aquatics category. 


Third Place Team – Montgomery Bell Academy

MBA represented Five Rivers RC&D Council at the State Envirothon. They placed first in the special presentation portion of the contest. 


2015 TN Envirothon

The 2015 state competition winners are the Clinton High School Science Club.  They will compete at the 2015 North American Competition Finals at Missouri State University at Springfield, Missouri from July 27, to August 2, 2015.    

1st Place - Clinton High School

 Clinton High School - 1st Place


2nd Place - Montgomery Bell Academy

 Montgomery Bell Academy - 2nd Place


3rd Place - Putnam 4-H

 Putnam County 4-H - 3rd Place


State Competition Contestants

 2015 State Competition Contestants


2014 TN Envirothon

The winners of the 2014 state competition were the Clinton High School Science Club.  They were not able to compete in the 2014  North American competition because of financial and organizational changes at the North American Envirothon office.  Clinton High School was able to participate in a regional contest in Kansas, placing third in the contest.  An electronic article at the the NRCS website regarding the contest may be seen here.

The 2013 state winners were the Lincoln County Home School team who competed at Bozeman, Montana.  Photos of the 2013 competition posted at the Highlights of their trip can be seen here (pdf document).