President's Message - January 2014


A Council Success Story


During the journey to identify what is the best strategy for an individual council to travel in pursuit of stability and success, one repeated suggestion has been for councils to share the success, or lack thereof, they have experienced.

 When the Executive Committee appointed a TN RC&D Council Communications Director, the concept was not to worry about those things that one has no control over, but to listen to individual councils and help engage in creating success for all councils. When success comes, recognize the contributing council and pass it on to all RC&D Councils.

Appalachian RC&D Council has agreed to share their success story. Attached you will see the celebration newsletter and solicitation.

From the beginning of the early evening garden party, it was evident that detailed planning had been done. Guests were greeted, the covered tables were in place and an invitation was issued to visit the historic home on the grounds of the host family. After brief socializing, the buffet line was formed along the tables of traditional dishes locally grown in a country garden.

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Is Your Council Active?



During the November 2013 Board of Directors meeting, a discussion was held on what constitutes an active and inactive member of the Tennessee RC&D Council.

Under Article VII of the Bylaws, “Each Participating RC&D organization shall be assessed equally to provide the funds necessary to meet the budget.”

During the transition of Tennessee Councils from NRCS coordinator to individual council management, dues were suspended for FY 2012, in order to reduce councils’ expenses.  The fiscal year ending September 30, was changed to December 31, in order to standardize the accounting year.

Action by the Board of Directors also reduced the annual dues in 2013 to $200.00 per year.

A motion during the November 2013 meeting sought to finalize the annual dues issue at this time.

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President's Message - December 2, 2013



December 2, 2013


During this time of the year, it’s the return of the “Winter Cough” that is a dread.  To force air from the lungs creates an irritating sharp noise.  But, when finishing off a Hall’s Cough Drop, the comments on the wrapper help soothe.  They include - “Don’t give up on yourself”, “Nothing you can’t handle”, “Power thoughts”, “Take charge and mean it”, “Impress yourself today”, “Buckle down and push forth”, and “Don’t waste a precious minute.”

 It could be that a psychologist had been consulted by Hall’s, and the prescription was to bypass the disturbing “Winter Cough” experience by diverting the thought process to thinking positive about “Free Associations” after the dread has passed.

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