President's Message - October 14, 2014


During our annual meeting in early August, John Rissler, NRCS Asst. State Conservationist, spoke to attendees on the subject of "Soil Health and Farm Bill."

However, prior to the scheduled time of his presentation, he approached the President with the question, "Are there other issues that need to be discussed?"

In summary, John listened and followed up with an opportunity for TN RC&D to participate in a grant contract for community gardens. His action and reaction to the short conservation spoke volumes on the importance of communication.

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Presidents Message - August 22 2014


Report on RC&D Annual Meeting
August 7-8, 2014

Have you heard that a (Panthera tigris), tiger, has just arrived at the Veterinary Hospital?

This was the buzz as the RC&D Annual Business Meeting in the Sequoia Room; University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine had just adjourned.

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Tennessee Conservationist Article

The May/June 2014 issue of the Tennessee Conservationist magazine included a story about the Envirothon in Tennessee.  The article, entitled  "The Tennessee ENVIROTHON is a Pathway to Conservation", spoke about the regional and state competitions in Tennessee as well as the need for a multi-disciplinary approach by the competing teams.

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