President's Message - February 23, 2015

"Major Disaster"


These were the conditions Tennessee Resource Conservation and Development members faced in a Saturday travel across the state to the joint meeting of TN RC&D and TACD in Jackson, Tennessee.

A state of emergency travel ban had been issued in West Tennessee with the Middle Tennessee, Cumberland Plateau and East Tennessee expected to be harder hit with ice and snow in the paralyzing storm.

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President's Message - November 5, 2014



A question - is it a time limit factor that discourages individuals from volunteering for non-profit organizations that serve their communities? Or could it be a "save face" factor which limits their involvement?

The fact is that people just don't feel comfortable undertaking a project when they aren't sure how to handle the issues involved.

Well, how do you overcome this drawback?

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President's Message - October 14, 2014


During our annual meeting in early August, John Rissler, NRCS Asst. State Conservationist, spoke to attendees on the subject of "Soil Health and Farm Bill."

However, prior to the scheduled time of his presentation, he approached the President with the question, "Are there other issues that need to be discussed?"

In summary, John listened and followed up with an opportunity for TN RC&D to participate in a grant contract for community gardens. His action and reaction to the short conservation spoke volumes on the importance of communication.

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