President's Message - January 2018



At the beginning of a new year everyone is admonished to review the accomplishments of the year past and set goals for the 365 solar days required for one revolution of the earth around the sun that follows.

It's interesting to note that some experts have equated the ability to master selectivity as a key to success in 2018. Simply put - select the one priority your council can deem a winner and excel.

Thanks to the State of Tennessee Department of Agriculture, the many other agencies that participate, high school coaches, RC&D Council members, project manager Kathy Daugherty and students across the state, the Tennessee Envirothon has to be the winner!


The Envirothon's specific function is to educate and demonstrate the effects of individuals actions on natural resources including soil, water, wildlife, forest, etc., to show how these resources are interrelated, and to assist students in developing the skills needed to increase their environmental awareness and foster their development into responsible, action-oriented adults.

Over the past years, it has been great for council members to observe the students as they build confidence in presentations and refuse to accept mediocrity. They now are able to challenge in national competition.

During the Executive Committee meeting, following the November Board meeting, additional funding was made available to the winning Tennessee team to help cover transportation expenses to National.

This experience from an urban high school student demonstrates the value of the Envirothon. She first received an invitation to participate and was undecided until after a conference with the Natural Resources teacher. Her interest became a passion. As an honor student, she qualified to enter the College of Agriculture at the University of Tennessee in the School of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries.

The hypothetical:
A mountain man saying, "Seeing a worm crawl is not worth your time." Yet, in teaching soils, the worm is important.


Attached is a recently composed verse of interest - Willie the Worm.

Willie the worm was a night crawler
Who lived in the rich soil of the ground.
He came out only to feed at night
And joined the friends he'd found.

Because Willie ate just grass salad
And lay in a worm hole all day,
He began to feel worthless with life
And wanted to earn his stay.

Willie visited ole grandpa worm
In search of advice to be found.
Grandpa explained how eating grass
And digging holes really helped the ground.

This made Willie see his value
He couldn't wait for start of night.
A robin was glad to greet Willie
And take him for a dinner flight.

Let's hear it for Willie.
He's the hardest worker around.
Just think of the job he's doing
While boring holes in the ground

Our God above has a plan
For nature, worms, birds and man.
When we search for life's value
It won't be hard to find we can.

Communications Director, Glenda Rickman, will send information on the date and time of the February Board teleconference meeting.

Bill G Williams, President
Tennessee RC&D Council