President's Message - December 2017



Leaders of our Tennessee RC&D Councils somehow manage to find the time to address the needs of our communities. Over the years, the many successful projects have indeed helped the growth, protection and development of our natural resources - plus contributed to the education of students - present and past generations. We consider this a blessing.

The truth is that time passes and is never found again, however, it remains the cradle of hope, yes, it's tempting to think - "Let someone else take the lead" - but then we harken back to that old saying - "one day at a time."


Your TN RC&D Executive Committee wants to take this occasion to thank all of our leaders for their continued support.

Now, down to business. Following the November Board Meeting, the Executive Committee addressed a number of current issues: 

1. A decision was made to have a conference call meeting in February instead of joining the annual TACD convention. ( If the possible dangerous weather La Nina forecast of conditions in February proves accurate, it will be a smart choice.)

2. A decision was made to ear-mark additional funds for the 2018 Envirothon (possibly $1000).

3. A decision was made to cut back on the 2018 Creativity Grant to a total of $4000 instead of $5000, thus awarding 2 Creativity Grants at $2000 each.

May we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Remember - Count your blessings - it's about time.

Bill G Williams, President
Tennessee RC&D Council