President's Message - January 2018



At the beginning of a new year everyone is admonished to review the accomplishments of the year past and set goals for the 365 solar days required for one revolution of the earth around the sun that follows.

It's interesting to note that some experts have equated the ability to master selectivity as a key to success in 2018. Simply put - select the one priority your council can deem a winner and excel.

Thanks to the State of Tennessee Department of Agriculture, the many other agencies that participate, high school coaches, RC&D Council members, project manager Kathy Daugherty and students across the state, the Tennessee Envirothon has to be the winner!

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President's Message - December 2017



Leaders of our Tennessee RC&D Councils somehow manage to find the time to address the needs of our communities. Over the years, the many successful projects have indeed helped the growth, protection and development of our natural resources - plus contributed to the education of students - present and past generations. We consider this a blessing.

The truth is that time passes and is never found again, however, it remains the cradle of hope, yes, it's tempting to think - "Let someone else take the lead" - but then we harken back to that old saying - "one day at a time."

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President's Message - The Road Not Taken


President's Message
The Road Not Taken

A good bedtime read can often be found in the poetry of one of America's greatest poets - Robert Frost.

It was an eye-opening experience to read again his The Road Not Taken offering. As opposed to the normal eye-closing yawn before the light is turned off, it became an awakening. The first and last verses say it all:

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