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This is an example article and a few suggestions for your website.

Home Page

The Home Page will contain your news articles and welcome. Information placed here will change the most frequently. To make an article show on the home page, make the article "Featured."

Masthead is made up of two modules: the logo and the slideshow. The images in the slideshow are 1630x920 px. Use photos practices or familiar scenes for your site. 

Programs and Services

In this distribution, we have a Programs page and Equipment Reservation page. Other districts have added pages for Partners and Links, Activities, Education and Outreach, etc. Programs are articles and should be changed in Article Manager for your district. 

Board and Staff

These directory pages are artilcles These pages may be accessed in the Content->Article Manager and changed for your District.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are built on the Phoca Downloads component. Any collection of documents can be delivered to your visitors using this component. The component uses a folder structure to organize the documents.


These pages were built on the Phoca Gallery component. You can build photo galleries using this component and you can include galleries in articles using a plugin. The component uses a folder structure to organize the gallery.


Calendar is built on the JEvents component. Publishing your meeting dates here meets the TDA requirement to publicize your meetings. 


  1. Menu items point to components or articles. You can create new menus or items as needed. They can be grouped and arranged anyway you want.
  2. Menus or menu items may be hidden or deleted to remove them from view.
  3. Most of your content will be added as articles.